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Darwin's Theory in TV Documentaries

vI am a relatively educated Moslem with solid Islamic religious believes, and fluent in few languages. I am a keen listener to your speeches and also very
keen on the programs which I can see on the 4th Channel of the IRIB.
There are the following 2 questions which I like to receive an answer from you:
1- At times I see programs on the TV that indicate the origin of the mankind on earth is from the evolution of the primary life cells on earth. This is contrary to my beliefs and I do not like to be influenced by this thought. Please guide me.
Sir, I remain as one of your followers.



ü1- The dubbed films naturally reflect the mentality of the original film-makers. Preferably, IRIB should make due modifications by taking the Islamic teachings into consideration while translating and preparing the films for airing.
The Darwinian theory of evolution in biology has still its critics within the scientific community, and is not considered an established fact. However, even if it had been approved, you cannot find any scientific law without exceptions. Moreover, all miracles are exceptions from normal procedures. The birth of Jesus (AS), and his creation--with Allah's permission--of birds are clear examples of such miracles and exceptions from the natural procedure of reproduction. Therefore, we, as Muslims, accept the Qur'anic account of the creation of Adam and Eve (AS) from clay without running into contradiction.
Sincerely yours,