The first and the most important question an intelligent and thinking existent should answer, and select one’s way of life accordingly, by free will and rational choice, is whether we are gods or servants? If we accept that we are servants, the sign of servitude is to make our will fade away in Allah's will. Therefore, all affairs in our lives, whether individual, economical, governmental, or political, should be governed by the will of Allah; Vali al-‘Amr should rule with Allah's permission as well. Otherwise — as the Late Imam Khomeini (r.) said — a person who rules without the permission of Allah and that of an Infallible is a taghut.


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    Darwin's Theory in TV Documentaries

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    ü1- The dubbed films naturally reflect the mentality of the original film-makers. Preferably, IRIB should make due modifications by taking the Islamic teachings into consideration while translating and preparing the films for airing.
    The Darwinian theory of evolution ...